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This page provides various information related to industrial and hazardous waste management in Japan.

JW Activities

Introduction of JW Activities

Approaches in the International Interchange Activities of JW - Toward the Formation of Networks with Asian Countries and Regions [PDF(137KB)]

Implementing Progress of Electronic-Manifest in Japan[PDF(177KB)]

Solid Waste Management in Japan

Technical Expertise of Japan in Solid Waste Management
(Website of JICA-Net Library, 25mins, Language: English/Japanese, Spanish, Arabic)

The Waste Management System in Japan [PDF(1.28MB)]

Industrial Waste Management and Waste Management Law in Japan [PDF(182KB)]

Specially Controlled Industrial Waste Manager

Industrial Waste Management and 3R Policy in Japan [PDF(615KB)]

Electronic Manifest in Japan

Electronic Manifest System for Indestrial Waste [PDF(219KB)]

Industrial Waste Management and Electronic Manifest in Japan [PDF(337KB)]

Present State of the Electronic Manifest System for Industrial Waste Management in Japan

Desposal and Recycling plants in Japan

These are articles which we interviewed by ourselves for our magazines: JW information.

1. The first Waste-To-Energy facility dedicated for infectious waste in Japan
(from JW information 2006.10 :PLANTEC Inc.)
2. Tokyo PCB waste-disposal business
(from JW information 2007.04 :Japan Environmental Safety Corporation, Tokyo Facility)
3. Total solution for the management of chemical related waste
(from JW information 2008.04 :HACHIOH Co., Ltd.)
4. Visit to a company promoting industrial waste 3R in Kinki Area
(from JW information 2008.07 :General Ecology Co., Ltd )
5. Subcritical water technology opens a new way to the future of industrial waste recycling business
(from JW information 2008.10 :REMATEC Corp. Sakai SC Factory)
6. Goal is to be” a general environmental company” through materialization, productization and energy supply related to waste
(from JW information 2009.01 :TAKEEI CO., LTD.)
7. Recycling food wastes into feedstuff
(from JW information 2009.10 :ODAKYU BUILDING SERVICE Co., Ltd. Environmental Division )
8. Refuse Paper & Plastic Fuel (RPF) production factory of long standing
(from JW information 2010.10 :Ichikawa Kankyo Engineering Co., Ltd. Gyotoku Factory)
9. “21 century type waste recycling enterprise” is what the company is going to be.
(from JW information 2011.01 :Mie Central Development Co., Ltd.)

Solid Waste Management Overseas

Implemental Activities of the Electronic Manifest Overseas [PDF(191KB)]

Link for Organization Relating Hazardous Waste Management

Ministry of the Environment

Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management

Japan Environmental Safety Corporation